This question was asked by the teacher of sociology and geopolitics Aleksa Vukašinović at the joint class of first, second and third year students.

Traditions around the world differ, but what they have in common is a desire for good future, family environment and the joy of gathering at this time of year. History teacher Jelena Ševa explained the origin of the custom of decorating the Christmas tree (from the German tradition, through Queen Victoria, to the worldwide spread of this custom, regardless of religion).

The students concluded that we all hope for and rejoice in personal progress and achievements, and that we express them during the celebrations of the New Year. That this can be seen in the congratulations we send to each other from Russia, Romania, Switzerland, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Finland, Sweden, Turkey and France to Serbia. Serbian language and literature teacher Suzana Djordjevic-Pejovic explained to them how they can say “happy holidays” in Serbian.

In the answer to the question from the beginning, there is a secret to why we all love and look forward to the holidays. They enrich and renew us. In the hope that the upcoming holidays pass in the best possible way, we wish everyone a happy New Year and a merry Christmas! All the best in 2022!