As a part of the BASQUET DE EUROPE project, basketball players from all parts of Brazil were guests of our school in January 2020, including young basketball player Samuel Moraes de Queiroz, who, after spending 7 days getting familiar with the way we work at school and the conditions we offer to young basketball players, decided to return to Belgrade and spend two months at our school in order to develop his basketball potential and skills. On this occasion, we asked him some questions to find out if he has been satisfied with his stay here so far and whether we have met his expectations.

Q: What influenced you most to make the decision to return to Belgrade and spend two months in our school?

A: After 7 days in Belgrade, I returned home and talked with my father about how satisfied I was with the training I’d had at school and the time I’d spent in Belgrade in general. I had a great desire to return to Belgrade because I thought I would be able to develop my basketball skills here. We agreed very quickly, called the director and I here I am.

Q: Have we met your expectations so far? How satisfied are you with school and practices?

A: I’m very satisfied. I think this is the right place for me. The trainings are much more intense than the ones I had in Brazil and I train here twice a day, while in Brazil I only train once a day. I feel that I am improving in basketball every day and that I am better in every segment of the game, and I am very happy about that. Lessons at school are interesting to me, I like English and History classes the most, but I would say that English is my favorite subject, which is good because I have a lot more to learn.

Q: Do you have any objections to how we work at our school and would you recommend the school to other young basketball players?

A: I have no objections. I’m pleased here. The training sessions are more intense and better thought out, and this really is the right place for a young basketball player who wants to develop his basketball skills in a well-organized system. This school has made my basketball dreams come true.