A young basketball player from LCC University, our former student Vanja Petrović, spoke in an interview for the school website about the basketball and educational experience she is gaining in Lithuania.

QUESTION: Was it easy for you to make a decision to continue your sports and academic career in Lithuania?

ANSWER: Considering that in my fourth year of high school I firmly decided that I wanted to go somewhere where I would have the opportunity to fit in my studies and basketball and dedicate myself to the maximum of both, the decision was not difficult. Somewhat unexpectedly, an offer arrived from Lithuania. I saw that it fulfilled everything I wanted and asked for, both academically and in terms of sports, so I later accepted it. The decision itself, as I said, was not difficult – I knew in which direction I wanted my life to go at that moment. From the very beginning, I had a huge support of the people to me, which greatly influenced my wishes to come true.

QUESTION: What are your impressions of the quality of basketball and studies at this prestigious university?

ANSWER: Impressions are great for now. The quality of studies is at a high level, the university provides broad education, considering that it is a university for liberal arts. As a student, I practise and acquire skills outside of my main program, psychology, because all students are required to attend courses that cover central subject areas of free art education. As far as basketball is concerned, we compete in the highest rank in the country, in the first senior league, which means a lot to me because I play against older, better, and above all, more experienced players than myself. Lithuania, like Serbia, is a country of basketball, so a lot is invested in this sport there.

QUESTION: What are your plans for the future?

ANSWER: Right now, I do not have a clearly defined plan for the future, because I am aware that I can always expect unforeseen circumstances and something that would change my life. Of course, my wishes and ambitions are, above all, to invest in my education, because only one injury can ruin my basketball career.

QUESTION: Do you have a message for young basketball players?

ANSWER: I want to tell all young basketball players to work on achieving their goals, because everything is possible only if there is a great desire and complete commitment to what you are doing. There are no boundaries – the more you work, the more you achieve.