Sports activities and facilities

For daily sports activities the students have access to a large, fully equipped air-conditioned sports hall with a video beam, a locker room, showers and a gym.

All sports facilities are within the school building enabling the students to have sports activities and regular competitions with other schools throughout the year. Basketball trainings and P.E. classes are instructed by highly qualified teachers, coaches and sports experts.

The school organizes sports preparation for men’s and women’s basketball teams of all ages, as well as individual preparation for sportspeople. These preparations are organized during the whole year:

  • transportation from airport Nikola Tesla to the sports center and back to the airport Nikola Tesla;
  • two trainings per day
  • friendly games with all selections of BC RED STAR
  • visiting official games of senior team RED STAR-Euroleague, Aba league
  • use of the gym;
  • accomodation in twin bedrooms (the coaches are accommodated in single rooms);
  • three meals per day;
  • sightseeing;