After finishing our school, Vukašin Mašić continued his sports and academic career at Hofstra University in New York. Once the season ended, he returned to Belgrade, where he is intensively preparing for playing in the U19 Serbian national team. He used the short break between hard practices to visit us and share his impressions of studying and playing basketball at one of the most prestigious universities in the USA.

  1. Question 1: What were your first impressions upon arrival to the USA?

Answer: The first impressions after arriving in New York were absolutely amazing! When I landed, I immediately felt something that few cities in the world have. Hustle and bustle of the big city left an extremely strong impression on me, everything was happening extremely fast and everyone in my environment seemed to be running somewhere. The city is well known for its buildings and everything it has to offer, which was also fascinating to me and I especially liked the fact that you can find absolutely everything you need in New York.

  1. Question 2: Was it difficult for you to adjust to life in the United States?

Answer: It was very difficult for me to adapt to literally everything – basketball, people, different educational system and the way of working at the university. People in the United States are simply of a different mentality and another additional problem was that I had almost no one from my area.

However, this situation had one big advantage – I learned a lot of new things and matured as a person.

  1. Question 3: How did you manage to balance studying and basketball obligations?

Answer: The main reason I went to America was to study and play basketball at the same time. It can’t be done anywhere else in the world. All the professors at the faculty have a lot of understanding about me being a basketball player, so I did not have any problems regarding that.

Question 4: What advice would you give to young basketball players?

Answer: I would like to tell all young players that if they want to get a good education and at the same time play high-level basketball, America is certainly the best option, because it is possible to balance everything there if you are hardworking, persistent, dedicated and responsible.