Three students from Toronto came to our school in March to improve their basketball skills and continue their education. We interviewed them in order to gain insight into their impressions of our school.

Question: Why did you decide to come to Serbia and to our school?

Marko: Everything has been closed in Toronto for almost a year and my family and I started thinking about the best thing to do and we decided to come to Serbia and chose The First Sports Basketball High School, College, Belgrade, because I think I can best develop my basketball skills here, and the school conditions are excellent.

Lazar: I could not train in Toronto because of the Covid 19 measures that are in force there, and then I researched camps in Serbia and came across the school’s website. It seemed very interesting, so I told my parents and it turned out that my mother had a friend in Serbia whose son was a school student. We received great recommendations from them and we decided to come to Serbia so that I could continue to train freely, because basketball is the most important thing in my life.

Dimitri: My father has a lot of friends in Serbia and it was through them that he found out about The First Sports Basketball High School and everyone told him that the school was great. Besides, I love European basketball much more than American basketball. Also, I wanted to come to Europe to study and that’s how it all came together, so I decided to enroll in the First Sports Basketball High school, College.

Pitanje: What are your experiences about training here?

Marko: The trainings here are different than in Toronto. I would say that there is a lot more strength training in Toronto, while there is a lot more work on technique here and I feel that I am making a lot more basketball progress here than in Toronto. I am learning a lot more about the game itself and I am getting better technically.

Lazar: I am very pleased with the training. I had only 3 workouts a week in Toronto when everything was normal. Here, I train twice a day, which is phenomenal. The trainings are team, which is great, because there are few team trainings in Toronto, and the most important thing is that I feel that I am improving my basketball every day, especially in terms of technique, which is not done much in Toronto.

Dimitri: I am very satisfied as all my expectations have been met. The trainings are great, the coaches are great, the relationship between the team members is great – I am very satisfied with everything. Best of all, I’m back on the field and I can train basketball again, which I love so much.

Pitanje: what are your plans for the future?

Marko: I would like to get a sports scholarship through basketball and go to one of the colleges in America. If I manage to play basketball professionally, I would like to play in Europe at the beginning, and then go to the NBA. If I can’t do anything with basketball, I would like to do sports management.

Lazar: Basketball is in the first place in my life – more precisely in the first ten places in my life, so when I think about the future, I would like to play basketball professionally, and above all, to go to one of the colleges in America after finishing high school. If I don’t do anything in terms of professional basketball, then I plan to do business marketing.

Dimitri: I would like to play basketball professionally in the Euroleague. I would not like to play in America, because I think it is not a good solution for players with my predispositions. If this wish does not come true, I would definitely like to do something related to sports – be a basketball coach.